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November 8, 2019

Removing Old Versions of DTLS

Contributed by Nils Ohlmeier, Hacking on real time communications since 2002

As you probably have read already old versions of TLS are going to be removed in March 2020. Obviously we don’t want to leave Firefox WebRTC users behind and vulnerable. Thus we are planing on disabling support for DTLS 1.0 also in March 2020.

According to our measurements the absolute majority (98.12%) of WebRTC services use DTLS 1.2 already today.

WebRTC DTLS usage numbers

The remaining 1.88% need to start upgrading to DTLS 1.2 today.

To help with the transition and testing we added new user preferences to Firefox 71 (currently available as Firefox Beta):

  • media.peerconnection.dtls.version.min = 770
  • media.peerconnection.dtls.version.max = 771

To test with DTLS 1.2 only simply open about:config and set media.peerconnection.dtls.version.min to 771. From now on your Firefox will no longer offer DTLS 1.0, as if it would be a release from March 2020.