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November 2, 2016

Welcome to Advancing WebRTC…

Contributed by Maire Reavy, Maire is the engineering manager for Mozilla’s WebRTC team.

Advancing WebRTC is a new blog site run by the Firefox WebRTC team, which includes full-time employees as well as contributors from the open source community and from industry. You can expect to find everything you want to know about what we’re working on and why we’re working on it on this site. We’ll show off our new demos and preview new features. We also welcome “guest” posts from WebRTC web developers who have relevant information about things they’re doing with WebRTC.

Future posts will include information about our Roadmap going into 2017, including how we set priorities and how developers can influence our priorities and roadmap. We’ll also post about changes happening in the specs, and how and when those will be reflected in Firefox, and we plan to have a “fiddle of the week” feature showing off some aspect of WebRTC in a small amount of code.

As engineering manager, I welcome feedback either directly to me or to the team. Our newsgroup is mozilla.dev.media (also available as the dev-media mailing list), and we hang out on IRC in #media. You can ask us a question in real-time on IRC any time you wish.

Our goal is to make WebRTC in Firefox work well for every developer and to make WebRTC the best solution for real-time audio and video communication. You can help us by testing Firefox (especially Nightly and Developer Edition), giving us feedback on how Firefox is working for you, what we can do better, what’s missing, and contributing patches for the fixes and features you need or really want that we haven’t gotten to yet.

Firefox is the browser for the everyone on the web. We want it to be your browser and we’d appreciate your help in making it (and WebRTC) awesome.