Statistics Downtime Expected Next Week


The Metrics team is going to implement a number of changes in its infrastructure next week, in order to improve the environment they work on as well as provide greater redundancy and stability. This plan affects add-on statistics provided by AMO to both end users and developers.

The expectation is that there will be no statistics reported for Tuesday April 17th and possibly Wednesday April 18th. No data should be lost, meaning that the stats for those two days will only be temporarily unavailable and should be corrected shortly thereafter.

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Categories: developers, end users

3 responses

  1. Simon

    Jorge, any info when the add-on statistics data will be available again? We’re on Friday now and the data is still not visible in AMO.

  2. chiaro


    Thanks for giving ua a warning this time about this facility being down.

    However it is now Saturday, and for serious Statistics twitchers, this is real deprivation…

    Any update would be most welcome

  3. SilverWave

    Bug 749416 – Download statistics missing for AMO