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Developer-oriented features and experiments

Tilt is a Firefox addon that lets you visualize any web page in 3D. A new update is available, coming with more developer-oriented features. Try the addon. Since the first alpha version of Tilt was announced (a Firefox extension focused on creating a 3D visualization of a webpage), a lot of work has been done […]

Version 0.82 released

Download: Tilt.xpi August was a busy month. Tilt development was focused on finishing the user interface and adding an improved user experience. We also added more developer-oriented features and functionality. The most interesting addition was the “minidom” — a tree view representation in the lower left, showing a minimalistic snapshot of the document object model […]

Profiling Javascript functions

Tilt has reached a point in which profiling is mandatory. Execution time is virtually impossible to compute correctly in Javascript, but the bottlenecks can still be successfully spotted by counting the function calls and computing the total execution time. Moreover, intercepting function calls can be tricky, but easy once everything is handled properly. If a […]


Tilt is getting closer and closer to a beta development stage, let’s see what’s been going on. The most important added feature is the html preview window, currently using the Cloud9 source code editor Ace. Each time a node is double clicked, a popup panel shows up, displaying the formatted, syntax colored inner html for […]

Visualizing the DOM nodes depth and coordinates

The most important part of Tilt was actually visualizing the DOM nodes depth and coordinates in 3D manner, by positioning them relative to parent offsets and sizing them based on the client width and height dimensions. This is exactly what’s been implemented in the past week, so let’s take a look. This is an idea […]

Tilt at Summer Web 2011

Summer Web 2011 is an event organized in conjunction to the first edition of the Design Jam Iasi, “a two-day venue, during which people team up to discuss, share ideas and solve engaging UX challenges”. The event is non-profit and supported by the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. Find more information on the Summer Web blog. During […]

First implementation

A lot has happened in the past few days, and interesting progress has been done with Tilt, both from a developer point of view, and from the community side. But first thing’s first: Tilt is an extension, there’s working code on (currently there are 19 followers and counting! lots for such a short period […]

Tilt: a WebGL-based 3D visualization of a Webpage

Tilt represents a new way of visualizing a web page. This tool creates a 3D representation of the document, with the purpose of displaying, understanding and easily analyzing the DOM. It will take advantage of the great tools Firefox has to offer, as it is an extension which contains a WebGL implementation, providing rich user-experience, […]