Introducing myself

Hi, I’m Nick Nguyen, and I’m the new Add-ons Lead here at Mozilla.  Having previously worked on the Delicious Bookmarks extension at Yahoo!, I’ve learned firsthand how Add-ons can be an essential part of life on the internet.  I’ll be working with the team and the community to figure out the best direction for AMO as we evolve.  Along with the entire Add-ons team, I’ll help drive discussion both within Mozilla and with the greater community on how we can grow and improve.

In 2009, we plan to focus on the following areas:

  1. Communicating the value of Add-ons to users who will benefit from them
  2. Improving the sense of community for Add-ons users and developers and fostering open communication between both groups.
  3. Streamlining and simplifying the process of both developing and submitting Add-ons to AMO.

Of course, like everything else at Mozilla, our decisions don’t happen in a vacuum.  As a member of our community, your feedback is invaluable and helps us drive our product direction.  I’ll continue to post updates with our thinking on a regular basis, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have some feedback, positive (yay) or negative (boo, but we need to hear it).

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

Nick Nguyen, Add-ons Lead

10 responses

  1. NGUYỄN-Mạnh Hùng wrote on :

    It’s nice that AMO has adopted a new version of developer tools.
    Keep up your good work!

    Vietnamese Team

  2. Alex Iskold wrote on :

    Great to see you join Mozilla, Nick! Looking forward to meeting you in person in 2009.


  3. Alfred Kayser wrote on :

    Please fix the statistics of AMO.
    Bug 435075 – Some add-ons have more than one GUID in the database.
    Bug 470406 – Sorting of addons on rating should NOT be done on rounded avg rates.
    Bug 443026 – Update review counts and ratings incrementally.
    Bug 291413 – Top rated should take into account the number of ratings.
    and more…

    It is frustating to have developed and supporting multiple themes, with many users and many high rates, but still not appearing in the top lists as the statistics of AMO are wrong.

    For all the above bugs the fix is simple, and provided with the bugs, so easy to apply.

    Please fix existing bugs before creating fancy new interfaces (the ‘new’ developer toolbox is nice though).

  4. Andrew Conkling wrote on :

    Hi Nick,
    We’ve had some conversations in the past on the Delicious Firefox extension mailing list. Congrats to you! This is exciting news for you and Mozilla. 🙂

  5. Jordan wrote on :

    Congratulations, Nick.

    Jordan Stolper

  6. Gen Kanai wrote on :

    Welcome to Mozilla 🙂

    I’m sure your plate is full already but we may need to consider updating some of our documentation for developers.

  7. Gerv wrote on :

    What I’d like is a list of, say, three addons which have universal appeal that I can use to demo the system to people. Adblock is controversial, not everyone wants Flashblock or to download lots of videos, and all the addons I use (e.g. Greasemonkey) are really geeky because I’m a geek.

    What has universal appeal? Last time, I used ForecastFox which worked surprisingly well.

  8. Esa Suurio wrote on :

    Nick, congratulations! You have a very interesting position at Mozilla. Good to have you join the team and continue Basil’s excellent work.

    Gerv, let me propose one universial addon that you can use for your demo: Web of Trust, WOT, is a security addon that will keep you safe from online threats. WOT warns you before you interact with a risky website. We have safety ratings for 21 million websites and about 3 million downloads. Please check out

    Esa Suurio
    Web of Trust

  9. Jay Meattle wrote on :

    WELCOME Nick!


  10. Mark Sehnert wrote on :

    I am having trouble downloading add ons. I can down load off the internet but whan I try to pick them out of my file I can’t do it. ? why
    Thanks Mark Sehnert