Adding-on to yesterday’s post

Yesterday, we announced that we were renaming Firefox Add-ons to Firefox Change-arounds. After the outpouring of feedback to our announcement post, we’ve decided to reverse the name change and go back to “add-ons”. An additional factor in making this decision was that it’s no longer April Fool’s Day.

As a few commenters noted, we would never really make a decision this big without having a discussion in the community first, as add-ons touch so many parts of the Mozilla platform.

So, why’d we do an April Fool’s joke on AMO this year?

  • We wanted to have some fun and give the site some personality. A change like this can add some excitement to an otherwise routine task for people that visit AMO often.
  • We hoped people would share the site with their friends, pointing out the April Fool’s joke and increasing exposure to Firefox add-ons.
  • We wanted to draw attention to this blog, so that people would know it exists and is a great resource for finding out about our non-made-up plans for AMO.

We wanted to do something that wasn’t too over-the-top — something that many people wouldn’t even notice, but would be a little humorous to those that did. And we wanted something simple to implement so we wouldn’t waste time that could be used for all of our planned improvements over the next few months (find-and-replace made this change very easy!). I’m planning on publishing an analysis in a few weeks about the effects of this change, if any, that were seen in traffic, add-on downloads, and other metrics.

9 comments on “Adding-on to yesterday’s post”

  1. Bernadette wrote on

    Yours was the only April Fool’s Day laugh I got all day. So thanks. It didn’t occur to me that anyone wouldn’t get the joke but reading yesterday’s comments from the people who took it seriously has made me laugh today. Thanks again.

  2. Frédéric Wenzel wrote on

    Bernadette: I am glad you liked it! What I also found funny were the occasional suggestions for “even better” alternative names than “add-ons”, like “non-defaulters” or “bolt-ons”. 🙂 I love how creative a community we have.

  3. Matt wrote on

    I’d like to say – opposed to many posters yesterday – i kindda liked your AFD joke. not a bad one as others mentioned!

    congratulations! 🙂

  4. Jim wrote on

    WTF? I just registered
    there goes another domain 🙁

  5. Justin Uthermann wrote on

    I’d like to say that this was perhaps my favorite APF 2009 joke.(Even better than the google and youtube jokes). In fact, I will admit that if it hadn’t been for this joke, I would have never known about this blog. In short, your objective of increasing the exposure of this blog was met (at least in my case). The ultimate goal of any joke, in my opinion, is to affect people even after the joke has been said or done, and this was clearly achieved here.

  6. smurf wrote on

    I thought “Huh, has the Marketing division of Mozilla gone crazy now”? 😉 Then I realized the date…

  7. Giuseppe Bertone wrote on

    You got me! 🙂 I had already changed my addon description and now I’m happy to hear that it was a AFD joke and I must change the description again.

    Hope this could bring new users to Firefox, even if IE8 is actually a really good browser 😉

    When FF 3.5 will come to balance the web world again?

  8. Saurabh wrote on

    Great, purpose has been achieved.

  9. -DraGonZ- wrote on

    I liked the change thats not fair 🙁