Reviews no longer needed for public nomination

For those of you looking to nominate your add-on for public status, you no longer need to have reviews from users to submit the nomination. We made this change to help our developers as it was hard to get public reviews while still in experimental status. All other requirements for nomination stay the same, to learn more read our Reviewers’ Guide.

4 comments on “Reviews no longer needed for public nomination”

  1. jrs wrote on

    Is there any way to report addons that have slipped through the net and don’t comply with the reviewers guide? In this case I noticed that there’s 3 identically named “Bing” search engine addons (from the review guide it looks like the Microsoft offical one should be the only one there).

  2. Chris Means wrote on

    Is there any way to tell where an Addon is in the queue for reviewers?

    Does an Addon’s position in the queue change if a new version is uploaded?

  3. KBH wrote on

    Good idea, but without other changes it will just increase the queue.

  4. DietrichKaiser wrote on

    Counterproductive. The hampering factors remain. Either actually improve the process or leave it where it is – no one expects any better anymore. One step forward, two backward.