Extend Firefox Observations of Submissions by Countries

With the Extend Firefox contest over, I wanted to see where entries were coming from so I created some quick charts that show which countries were represented via the various submissions:



These charts show me we need stronger developer outreach outside of North America & Europe. South America, for example, is a hot bed of developer talent (Brazil & Chile come to mind) and helping those developers understand the viability & power of the Mozilla platform is extremely important.

Thankfully, we’ve recently brought on Jorge Villalobos as our Developer Relations Lead. Being based in Central America (Costa Rica to be exact) will definitely allow him to increase the awareness of our tools in the surrounding countries.

A surprise from the stats was India which was 6th on the list of contributed add-ons. This is a geo we need to look at closer to see how we can build stronger developer ties there.

It was really cool to see a nice sampling on countries participating. Great motivation to keep spreading the word worldwide.

8 responses

  1. zamaan wrote on :

    thank you for posting the stats here. i can see only my entry is there from my country sri lanka 🙁

  2. Jay Meattle wrote on :

    very nice!

  3. Michael Maclean wrote on :

    Out of interest, when you say “England” do you actually mean the UK?

  4. julius wrote on :

    i’m loving firefox so far. i use it here in the philippines. its best for editing my blog post.

  5. julius wrote on :

    I’m from the Philippines by the way if i failed to mention it.

  6. Norman wrote on :

    I know that the competition winners will be announced on or around 9th November 2009, but…
    Will all entrants (not just the winners) be told by e-mail what the score (percentage) for their entry was, and if so will this be before 9th Nov?

  7. Hasan Yılmaz wrote on :

    hello, people…i didnt know where to write!but sorry…whatever, i d really love to see ff addons page turkish language support….ff rocks.

  8. Michael wrote on :

    Interesting to see the USA with 19 entries end the EU also with 19 entries (added together). Just what diversity would be shown if one would split-up the USA data to show the per-state-entries ?
    Non-the-less, thanks to all submitters. You are the people who make Firefox the most interesting browser.