Add-on Collector now supports Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Mobile

For add-on fans that want to stay up to date with all the latest add-ons and share with their friends, there’s no better way than the Add-on Collector extension that we released last summer. With the arrival of version 1.1 today, the Collector now supports the same functionality in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey as it does in Firefox.

That means it’s easy to subscribe to collections, manage your collections, share add-ons with friends, and automatically sync add-ons using an auto-publisher from within Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Today’s release also adds prototype support for syncing the add-ons in a collection with Firefox on your mobile device. Just create a collection with your favorite mobile add-ons, install the Add-on Collector on mobile, choose your collection, and hit Sync.

Screenshot of Add-on Collector on mobile

You can grab the latest version of the Add-on Collector from Mozilla Add-ons.

A full list of bugs fixed in this release is available here. A huge thanks goes to Brian King and David McNamara for their work on this release.

One comment on “Add-on Collector now supports Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Mobile”

  1. anotherrnra wrote on

    I would like to see an add-ons utility that allows me to “collect” add-ons (just the ID #s) in various self-created categories: wait for update, investigate, etc., by marking them using the utility while I am at the AMO site.

    Also to be able to mark add-ons as “hidden” so they do not show up in searches again (if they’re already installed, I already have them categorized, etc). Over time my searches would get whittled down only to new add-ons I haven’t seen yet. Which would be nice given the number of add-ons that exist (no ploughing through many screens).

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.