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A Different Review Process Proposal

We previously proposed an Incubation Process as a way to make add-ons hosted on AMO safer while still letting developers host their experimental add-ons via direct links. Developer feedback in our forums raised several issues:

  • developers value the feedback given by random users that discover their add-ons in the sandbox
  • developers don’t want to feel rushed in the 30 (or 90) day time window with which they must pass review
  • developers consider the review process a significant milestone and are not all willing to assume that responsibility

Taking these into account, we’ve come up with a new plan that accomplishes our previous goal of making all add-ons publicly available on AMO safe, and also provides incentives for developers to make great add-ons.

Please take a look and let us know what you think of the new proposal in the new forum thread.

2 comments on “A Different Review Process Proposal”

  1. Tubby wrote on

    This comment is about a developer, Daniel W. Steinbrook, who does not seem to have any valid contact info on his addon pages. His user URL is

    I use one of his addons, FormFox, which has not been updated since before FF v.3.6, and it hasn’t worked for me for some time now. I wouls like to contact him to ask about it, but his contact links all go to irrelevant pages with no contact info either.

    Could someone find out how to contact this person, and either ask him about this, or send me his contact info if it is found?

    Thank you. I know this is not the place to put this, but it’s the only place I could find which MIGHT get thru to someone in the know!

  2. Wayne wrote on

    regarding “Verified but Untested” – suggest simply “Untested”. Simpler, and no room for ambiguity (to the average user) about its level of safety.