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New Firefox Mobile versions

AMO has been updated with 2.0a1 and 2.0b1pre versions for Firefox Mobile.  Alpha 1 will be released in the next day or so, so please test your extension if you already are compatible with 2.0a1pre, it is very likely that your extension will still work.  Also, the Fennec nightly builds have been updated to 2.0b1pre, so if you’re testing with the nightlies, and you find no issues, consider updating your compatibility on AMO to 2.0b1pre.  All you have to do is update compatibility in your Developer Control Panel, no changes to your install.rdf files will be needed.

2 comments on “New Firefox Mobile versions”

  1. Ronald Carvajal wrote on

    I will know that it is Firefox Mobile can install for Nokia E-63 or no ?

    Thanks your.

  2. Nuck Chorris wrote on

    Just wondering, will you guys be the next third-party browser to get into the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store? Or is Fennec not going to be for the Apple iPhones?

    Opera managed to get Apple to accept it by DARING them to deny it.

    Still, I can’t understand WHAT phones this is for. We’ve got too many different OSes on Smartphones nowadays, we’ve got Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, iOS, and Android OS.

    I know iOS and Android take two completely different programming languages. iPhones take a C-variant generally, while Android converts from Java bytecode to something else.