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Add-ons Builder 1.0a5, What’s new? What’s next?

Recently the fifth alpha version of the new web-based Add-ons Builder was released for public use at There are a few notable enhancements in this latest alpha – syntax highlighting was added to our build of Skywriter (the Mozilla code editor formerly called Bespin) and multiple versions of the Add-ons SDK are now available for inclusion in your add-ons and libraries.

syntax highlighting

SDK version selection

The next big thing for the Add-ons Builder is the upcoming move to This transition is a significant milestone in the elevation of the Add-ons SDK and Builder to full production status, a process that has been well underway for a few months now. With further enhancements to the Builder, and its integration with AMO, it will solidify as the one-stop location for development, publishing, and consumption of add-ons.

There are a lot of exciting features in the works for the Builder that will make it an even more enticing application to develop add-ons with. Check back for more info, and keep cranking on those add-ons!

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  1. jan d wrote on

    Is support for 0.8 coming soon?