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Problems with Add-on Statistics

Summary: We’re currently experiencing a problem with add-on download statistics on in which downloads through our API (used by the Add-ons Manager in Firefox) are not being counted. No data has been lost and we will be repairing these counts soon.

Technical Details: On September 14 we pushed an update to the site that uses a separate domain for static content such as images, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Our API was incorrectly set up to also serve add-on downloads through that static domain.

Because of the large volume of add-on downloads, we parse logfiles to count the number of downloads each day. The static domain was not set up to be parsed for download counts, as no downloads were supposed to occur there, though the downloads did work fine from the user’s perspective. Any downloads from the API since September 14 are not currently shown in statistics dashboards.

We have corrected the code issue, which will be going live this Thursday. We’re also working with the Mozilla IT and Metrics teams to parse the additional logs and correct the statistics. No data or stats have been lost.

This is being tracked in bug 598162.

3 comments on “Problems with Add-on Statistics”

  1. Diane Galanif wrote on

    I am having Problems with adding add-on’s My Pluggin’s don’t work! Nothing shows up on my Browse all Add-on’s.

    I have no clue as to what to do next.And my Mozilla Firefox always seems to Crash!

    What can i do to fix the problems i am having.

    Thank-you Diane

  2. John Ogdee wrote on

    I keep getting an error dialog box when i try to download the down loader helper add on?

  3. andrew wrote on

    having a problem when sharing links on say sound cloud and facebook, it won’t share and does nothing when i press share…it was working fine and now doesn’t…what has happened and how can i fix it???

    thank you