Firefox 4 Add-on collection competition: The Winners!

Last month, to celebrate the launch of Firefox 4, we asked you to submit your add-on for inclusion in the Firefox 4 Add-on collection; a collection of ten Firefox 4 compatible add-ons that would be promoted around the launch of Firefox 4.

We received tons of entries, the standard, and variety of which was incredibly high. After an intense deliberation among the add-on team, we have picked the following ten add-ons for inclusion in the Firefox 4 collection:

  • Tab Scope: Tab Scope lets you preview your open tabs with a thumbnail image just by hovering over them
  • Apture Highlights: Highlight a word or phrase, and Apture Highlights will search the web and provide information all without having to leave the page.
  • Thumbnail Zoom: Shows a full size image when you hover over thumbnails on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter or Picassa.
  • QuickFox Notes: Take notes when you’re browsing the web, and store them for easy access later.
  • FoxySpider: Crawls the website you’re browsing for you, and displays video clips, images and other files in an easy to use thumbnail gallery.
  • KwiClick: highlight text to get search results, maps, videos and more – within the page you’re browsing.
  • Awesome Screenshot: Screen-capture the whole page or a selection, then annotate with comments or drawings and upload to share.
  • Drag & DropZones: Assign search engine queries or actions to ‘drop-zones’ that appear when you drag text, images or links.
  • Mouse Control: Navigate tabs even faster with mouse click combinations from anywhere in a tab.
  • Instantfox: search the web using your address bar, with short cuts for search engines and other popular websites, like Amazon, Wikipedia or YouTube.

Look out for these in the new Add-on manager, Rock Your Firefox, Facebook, and other channels over the coming months. If you didn’t win, don’t worry; there’ll be plenty of further opportunities this year to get your add-ons promoted, so keep up the good work!