Popular Mobile Add-ons for Firefox

There are tons of great new innovations in our growing mobile add-ons gallery. We took a handful of our most popular so you could see their features and functionality. Search for and install any of these add-ons from the Add-ons Manager in Firefox for mobile and give ’em a try! Developers: build a compatible mobile add-on for Firefox so we can showcase your add-on as well!

The mobile add-ons featured in this video are: Personas, Phony, Twitter Bar, Home Links and Tapsure. Enjoy!

One comment on “Popular Mobile Add-ons for Firefox”

  1. Fred Ferguson wrote on

    The audio for the webm video isn’t too great. You wouldn’t be using ffmpeg’s Vorbis encoder, would you? That’s known to produce low quality audio. It’s much more advisable to use libvorbis to encode the audio. ffmpeg has switches available which makes it use libvorbis for Vorbis encoding.