Got Firefox for mobile? Now get mobile add-ons!

Firefox 4 is now mobile and available for download on Android & Maemo devices! To get started, download Firefox by visiting on your device, or by searching for Firefox on the Android Market.

Once you’ve downloaded Firefox for mobile, you can search for and install add-ons directly to your Android or Nokia N900 device from the Add-ons Manager located in your Browser Tools.

Thomas Arend, Mozilla’s Product Manager for Firefox for mobile, showcases some of Firefox 4’s best features including the mobile Add-ons Manager in this video about Firefox for mobile.

There are already tons of great add-ons to try out with your mobile device, such as Adblock Plus and Quit Firefox for Mobile. You can check out some more of the best mobile add-ons here.

To get more information on how to build a mobile add-on, or make your existing  add-on compatible with mobile devices visit our wiki.

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