Want to help select featured add-ons? Apply now!

Mozilla needs your help

Since the beginning of AMO, we’ve had a set of featured add-ons that are displayed prominently on the homepage and an ever-expanding list of other areas. Being featured guarantees downloads and notoriety, and many add-ons, especially start-ups, see it as crucial in order for their add-on to succeed.

End users see this list as a safe place to start with add-ons and trust Mozilla to feature great add-ons that work perfectly. However the selection process until now has been a pretty objective one, handled randomly by a small number of people, and the list has not been updated as frequently as we would have hoped.

We would therefore like to reach out to the Mozilla community to be part of an Advisory board to review new add-ons, and maintain a set of featured add-ons that are updated each month. We think this is a fair, and novel way to overcome some of the hurdles involved outlined above, and a chance to hand the responsibility over to the community that actually use and develop add-ons on a daily basis.

The Featured add-ons advisory board

Every 6 months, a call will go out via the Add-ons Blog for volunteers to participate in choosing featured add-ons. Volunteers must commit to trying the add-ons that apply to be featured and attending a monthly conference call to discuss suitability.

Each Board’s term is 6 months and will be comprised of 5 community members and 2-3 members of the Mozilla Add-ons team.

A note on member requirements:

Members must abstain from voting on add-ons that they have any business or personal affiliations with, as well as direct competitors of any such add-ons. Members must be picked from the add-ons community: power users, developers, and evangelists of add-ons

If you would like to be considered for a position on the add-ons advisory board, please email amo-featured@mozilla.org with your name and contact details, no later than May 19th 23:59 PDT.

You can find our more about the new featured add-on selection process on the wiki.

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  1. goofy wrote on

    – wanted to apply but received that

    : host mozilla.com.s5a1.psmtp.com[] said:
    550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User
    unknown in virtual alias table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

  2. Enson wrote on

    Is this still open? I want in. thanks