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With Firefox releases happening more quickly, add-on developers will have less time to address compatibility issues that might surface. We’ve implemented a new compatibility process to ease that burden for the majority of add-ons.

We’ve also created a new mailing list for add-on compatibility announcements that we encourage all add-on developers to subscribe to. This is a moderated list that we’ll occasionally email with information on breaking compatibility changes and upcoming Firefox release summaries. We especially encourage developers who do not host their add-ons on AMO to subscribe, as this will be the best way to keep up with compatibility in absence of the automatic detection and bumps of other add-ons.

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7 comments on “Subscribe to Add-on Compatibility Announcements”

  1. Jivko wrote on

    Yesterday all my add-ons(themes) were made compatible with Aurora and I tried them as well.There were no problems.Today I saw 3 letters from Mozilla in my inbox telling me that they have made 3 themes compatible.Yesterday they were 9 and now 6 of them are back to 4.0.* .I tested them and I didn’t see any problems.Why were they made incompatible with Firefox 5.0a2?Are they going to be compatible again or I have to upload archives again and wait until the reviewer approves them?

    1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on

      Last night there was an error that mistakenly bumped compatibility more add-ons than we intended to. We reverted that today and then ran the real bump.

      Having said that, I don’t know why any themes would be incompatible. You can update compatibility without uploading a new file by just going to your Developer Tools and clicking Compatibility next to the theme.

      I’ll file a bug for investigation as to why your themes weren’t updated.

  2. Jivko wrote on

    Thanks for the quick reply.It worked 🙂

  3. Matthew Wilson wrote on

    Is there an RSS feed for the announcements? I think I’d find that more convenient.

    1. Matthew Wilson wrote on

      Found it.

  4. Amanda Ebling wrote on

    I want to know if Firefox 4 is compatible with the Gamers Unite Community Snag Bar?

  5. Dave wrote on

    I have 1Password that worked before 5.0 came out and I received a message after the install that 1Password is not compatible with 5.0! Anyone planning to fix that?? (Don’t know who to ask!)