Jetpack Project: weekly update for November 28, 2012

Project News

  • The rewrite of the context-menu has landed, and should be included in the 1.13 release of the SDK. This fixes lots of long-standing context-menu bugs.
  • There will be an RC2 of the 1.12 release of the SDK in the next day or two, to fix a regression in the docs generating code and a regression in support for third-party packages.

Quick Stats

Note: the stats above are based on the queries I linked to for each item. If you have suggestions on how these queries might be made more accurate,please comment below. Stats generated at 2012-11-28 10:54:02 PST

Meeting Brief

Full minutes are available here:

4 responses

  1. tom jones wrote on :

    i don’t understand Alex’s comment on cross-domain content scripting support.

    can you please explain what is happening with that feature? it has already bounced once in 1.11..


    1. wbamberg wrote on :

      This feature was going to land in 1.12, then a couple of weeks ago we found a problem with the implementation (

      Alex isn’t going to have time to finish the feature right now, so it will have to be finished off by someone else. Given that it’s quite a security-sensitive feature, it’s unlikely to land in 1.12 at this stage, and although I can’t speak with any authority on this, I expect it will land in 1.13.

      I know this is a feature you’re very keen to see, and I appreciate that it must be frustrating that it didn’t land yet.

      1. tom jones wrote on :

        ok, since apparently i have been annoying enough for you to remember me, now i feel like i’m badgering you guys — and i know how uncool that is in an open source project.

        now i feel obligated to offer to help with this. i understand this is a security sensitive issue, but maybe it’s possible for me to work with someone as a mentor?

        (i have 10+ years of heavy webdev/js/XUL experience — wrote mozilla addons even before firefox.. 🙂

        1. wbamberg wrote on :

          I don’t think it’s at all annoying to wonder what’s become of a feature you care about, and I didn’t mean to give that impression. But if you were interested in helping out, of course that would be awesome!

          According to the discussion in the pull request for it ( the test for cross-domain xhr is failing, and that’s why this hasn’t landed yet. But I just tried running the test in that branch (using the command “cfx testaddons”), and it worked for me.

          I don’t understand the technical details of this code, really, so might not make a very effective mentor, but if you’d like to discuss how you could help with this bug, or chat about anything else Jetpacky, the best thing to do is probably jump into the #jetpack channel on, and ask (although people in Europe and N America might not be very responsive at this time of day). I think it would be really helpful just to check out that branch and play around with the feature, and see if it seems to work.