Friend of AMO: Amir Faryar Zahedi

Our newest Friend of AMO is Amir Faryar Zahedi! Amir began contributing as an add-on reviewer over a year ago, and has since reviewed nearly 10,000 add-ons. 60-80% of add-ons on (AMO) are reviewed by volunteer contributors, so it’s Mozillians like Amir who play a key part in keeping the community running. He says,

“In a world driven by profit, it is good to be part of a community that aspires to providing free software for everyone.”

Big thanks to Amir!

We wrapped up a productive July, and now the August contribution wiki is ready.

There is a new section that tracks how many “goodfirstbugs” were fixed in the last month. In July, volunteer contributors fixed 9 bugs!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.


4 comments on “Friend of AMO: Amir Faryar Zahedi”

  1. Axel Grude wrote on

    That’s simply amazing and humbling! 10000 is such a huge number and contributions like this are badly needed – fair play to Amir and all other AMO editors who invest time in order to keep Software free and transparent. Thanks!!

  2. Noitidart wrote on

    Wow thank you Amir for your hard work!! That is real awesome. Have you developed any addons yourself?

  3. Laurence wrote on

    My firefox has been hijacked by the speed dial add-on. I need a delete function please.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Please visit our support site for help.