Promote your add-ons with the “Get the add-on” button

If you are an add-on developer, and you’d like something a little snazzy to help you promote your add-ons, our creative team has cooked up something for you!

The new “Get the add-on” button comes in two sizes:

172 x 60 pixels


129 x 45 pixels


Simply save these images, put them on your website, and link them to your add-on’s listing on Questions? Please head to our forums.

UPDATE: Thanks to Nino for providing the following code snippet that you can use to link the buttons to your add-on! (Replace “” with the link to your add-on).

172 x 60:
<a href=””>
<img border=”0″ src=”” width=”172″ height=”60″>

129 x 45:
<a href=””>
<img border=”0″ src=”” width=”129″ height=”45″>

UPDATE #2: Thanks to Kohei for creating Thunderbird versions!

172 x 60 pixels


129 x 45 pixels


If you’re interested in localizing the button for your language, please contact us.


6 responses

  1. Pochy wrote on :

    Maybe would be more practical, if we shared the resources for that anyone can localize in your language with .ai o .psd, there are any restriction in modify this resources?, there are plan to extend this to other products like thunderbird, mobile or Firefox OS?.

    Best regards, this is a good iniciative.

  2. Onno Ekker wrote on :

    Can you please add buttons for other Mozilla applications like Thunderbird and SeaMonkey?

  3. cts wrote on :

    Yes, good idea: can you please add buttons for other Mozilla applications like Thunderbird and SeaMonkey?

  4. UBlock Origin should replace tracking protection Feature. wrote on :

    Good news !! Also can you give this on a better resolution ? (It’s really ugly on a 4K screen :p)

  5. Amy Tsay wrote on :

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see if we can get the PSD file for people to modify. Will post back here once I find out more…

  6. Amy Tsay wrote on :

    To get a version for Thunderbird, please file a bug here: