Friend of Add-ons: Tom Schuster (evilpie)

Our newest Friend of add-ons is Tom Schuster, aka evilpie. Tom is a JavaScript expert who has been a Mozillian for five years. Recently, he has contributed to the Web Extensions API initiative, implementing the chrome.cookies API and parts of the chrome.bookmarks API. He says,

“I have been contributing to Mozilla since 2010, because I feel like improving Firefox is the best way for me to ensure an open web. I am thankful for everything I have learned and the people I get to interact with.”

Thanks to Tom for his support!

We recently revamped the add-ons contribution wiki page, and it is now updated with the latest contribution opportunities, including information on helping with the Web Extensions API and FirefoxOS add-ons.

As always, please remember to document your contributions on the Recognition page. Thanks!

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  1. Noitidart wrote on :

    Thanks evilpie for your awesome contributions!! I saw your tweet of my addon too, thanks for that 😉