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Developer Spotlight: Dedalium — turn the entire web into an RPG game

You might be scrolling through your morning news, checking email, or any other routine online moment when suddenly you notice a small winged beast slowly glide across your screen. It’s a challenge. A chance to earn more crystals. A fight to the finish, should you choose to accept the duel. Since you’re not super busy and battles only take a few seconds — and you sure could use more crystals to upgrade gear — you click the angry creature and next thing you know your Network Guardian (avatar) and opponent appear on floating battle stations exchanging blows. It’s a close contest, but soon your nemesis succumbs to his injuries. The thrill of victory is fleeting, though. Gotta get back to those emails.


Customize the skills, gear (and fashion!) of your own Network Guardian.

Dedalium is a novel game concept. There are a lot of browser games out there, but nothing quite like Dedalium, which turns the entire internet into a role-playing game, or RPG. You start by customizing the look and skills of your Network Guardian and then you’re ready to wait for battle invites to emerge; or you can go on the offensive and seek out challengers. Beyond battles, you’ll occasionally find crystals or loot boxes on the edges of your screen.

There’s also a solo Adventure mode featuring 100+ levels that lead to a final battle against the big boss Spamicus Wildpost, who has never been defeated since Dedalium’s beta launch last year.

“We’ve created something new and innovative,” says Dedalium co-creator Joel Corominas. “We call this concept ‘augmented web’ akin to augmented reality but within the web environment. While it may take time for players and browser users to fully appreciate, we strongly believe it will become a significant trend in the future. We are proud to have pioneered this concept and believe it adds a fun, interactive layer to web browsing.”

Dedalium is the debut title from Loycom Games, which Corominas co-founded in 2021 with his game development partner Adrián Quevedo. Loycom’s mission is to “gamify internet browsing.”

Still in beta, Dedalium is growing quickly. About 4,000 players currently engage with the game daily across various browsers. If you’re looking for an entirely unique browser gaming experience, Dedalium is definitely that. At first I was worried random game prompts would get annoying as I went about my business on the web, but to my delight I usually found myself eager to engage in a quick Dedalium detour. The game does a great job of never feeling intrusive. But even so, you can pause the game anytime and set specific websites as no-play zones.

If turning the entire web into an RPG sounds like a good time, give Dedalium a shot and good luck gathering those crystals!

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