Posts from 2012

Coding Contribution Dashboards Now Available


A few months ago we posted screenshots of two coding contribution dashboards for review. I’m pleased to announce that the Metrics team just made these pubicly available at Having this information will be very helpful for building community … Continue reading

What’s the diff?

Dia Bondi

What’s the difference between what’s already on AirMozilla and the Capture Mozilla project? Best answer? Watching a recorded meeting or training that happened live and now lives on AirMozilla, is like eves dropping on something you weren’t invited to. You’re … Continue reading

A Look Back and A Path Forward


In September, we hosted our first MozCamp session focused exclusively on the Mozilla Manifesto.  Co-facilitated by Mitchell Baker and Matjaz Horvat, the session attracted close to 50 Mozillians at MozCamp EU in Warsaw. Mitchell shared her perspective on how the … Continue reading