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MozCamp Asia…Still Celebrating

Posted on behalf of Dino Anderson

Welcome back all! The U.S. celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday, Japan had their Harvest Festival and those who attended MozCamp Asia in Singapore are still celebrating the amazingly productive and fun meet up. For someone who loves education in varied forms, and contributing to health of a community, this MozCamp was inspirational.

One of the things that gave this particular MozCamp a different feel from others—albeit all MozCamps are unique in their own right!—was the dedication and diligent work given towards the design of an experience that enabled us to call all our best selves forward. (Even if that meant getting a little uncomfortable and working in ways we normally do not.)

So, what happened? To leverage the keynote messages with the bursting excitement of our awesome contributor base, the planning committee decided to put actions to words. Following the keynotes on Saturday and Sunday, design challenge sessions were put in place to get everyone that was present to work on creatively solving the challenge. 22 tables, each with 8 to 10 people, each with 1 Table Lead (activity facilitators ranging from seasoned volunteer contributors to the executive team), creative materials, and, yes, snacks! Think impromptu science fair meets speed round brainstorming session.

The Design Challenge of Day 1: Communicating Facebook Messenger for Firefox

  • To someone not tech savvy
  • Using only images/icons
  • Create an event to commemorate the launch.


The product of MozCamp Asia 2012 for Design Challenge 1

…of willing contributors established right on the spot to keep driving the awesome learnings and creations forward. A video of this Taskforce will be coming soon so you can learn what their role will be and learn with them along the way.

The Design Challenge of Day 2: Building the Mozilla Community App

The product of MozCamp Asia 2012 for Design Challenge 2:



  • Taskforce established to help build apps.

As you can see, there was much enthusiasm about these activities. People have been ready and already moving in these directions. I encourage we all contribute with our fellow community members and encourage, advise, create in any ways we can. Together we grow.

One comment on “MozCamp Asia…Still Celebrating”

  1. Vineel Reddy Pindi wrote on

    These design sessions were fun and full of ideas. You have put that in to right words here 🙂 Looking forward to see the task force related updates.