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Yes! and umm, who me?

When I talk to Mozillians about the Capture Mozilla project, everyone says “Yes! I’d love to get knowledge through video! That sounds awesome!”- but when I ask, “Great! can we get some of your special knowledge on video?” people often say “umm, who me?” like I’ve just asked them to donate a kidney.

So, what’s so scary about putting what you know, on video?

We’re an organization bursting with know-how and talent. We have the best of the best doing their best to better the web- so it only makes sense to go to each other for knowledge and know-how. And sometimes having that on video is the best way to get it out to everyone.

So here’s the message: “your great, your awesome and as long as it’s brief, easy to understand and totally takes me, the audience into account- we want you on video.” Let’s not let our perfectionism get in the way of sharing what we know.

Like Mitchell Baker says, “Perfection is the enemy of the good.”