Yammer Inclusion Research

Dino on behalf of Tre Kirkman

My name is Tre Kirkman, a summer intern with the Legal and Policy teams. I am currently a student at Stanford University studying Public Policy, African-American Studies, and Computer Science. I am especially interested in the ways that organizations create (or fail to create) inclusive spaces for employees to thrive.


When I first arrived at Mozilla I met with Dino to find out how I may contribute to the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. After taking some time to refine my ideas with both Dino and Mardi, I came across the Roadblocks to Productivity survey, which highlighted the need for Mozilla to refine and improve its modes of communication.


To that end, I will be helping with a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and Removing Roadblocks to Productivity by conducting research into staff use of Yammer — How do we use it? What draws in regular users or pushes away inactive users? Is it an inclusive space? My project will try to gather useful community feedback and social listening data to accurately assess Yammer’s role within Mozilla. Ultimately, I hope this research will be a useful resource for both initiatives as they work to continue making Mozilla an amazing place to work.

Next week I will put up an etherpad with a few short questions for community feedback. In the meantime please email me at tkirkman at mozilla dot com if you have questions, concerns, or ideas to share.