E-Mail Subject Line Etiquette: helping decrease communication stressors

Dino posts on behalf of Payam Keshtbod

Hi everyone!

My name is Payam Keshtbod, a Mozilla Volunteer Contributor on the People Team. I am currently a student at Indiana University with an interest in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, particularly on how “mental stressors” affect employee productivity and overall well-being. Stressors are things that cause mental tension for individuals.

I will be contributing to a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and helping on the Removing Roadblocks to Productivity,  regarding ineffective communication. My project will look at how we can put in place some good practices to decrease stressors and ineffective communication in e-mail subject lines.

If interested please go on to this etherpad to contribute your ideas. I would love to hear your ideas on how you can make subject lines in emails more clear, effective, and efficient for the writers and readers.

Please email me, payam.keshtbod(at)gmail(dot)com) to comments, questions, or feedback! I will update weekly as community feedback comes in.