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Add your name to the monument to Mozillians in San Francisco!

Mozillians, imagine an awesome, fun, concrete way to show the world the thousands of people who contribute to Mozilla. The more the better! Your name can be added to a Mozilla monument, and we need your help to get the names of other Mozillians added too. That’s right, it’s true. We’re working to construct a 14 foot (4.26 meters) structure that will sit outside of our new San Fransisco space (check out the concept photos). Onto this monument, oh yes, we will attempt to include the names of every Mozillian.

Wide shot of the Mozilla Monument

Action Required: If you are a current or past contributor and would like to be a permanent part of Firefox, your name etched, literally, on the structure, you need to tell us by October 31. To do that:

If you have a vouched profile, sign-in and click the ‘Join Group’ button on the SF Monument group page. Joining that group means you would like your name, as it appears on your profile1, to appear on our public art installation.

If you don’t have a vouched profile or are unable to access it, fill out this form and we will help you get added to the monument.

And while you are adding your name for the monument, we also encourage you to add your name to about:credits. It’s a great way to show the world you have contributed to Mozilla, and the easy directions can be found at the bottom of  the about:credits page.

We will include the names of contributors listed in about:credits, though you can opt-out by October 31. Just fill out the form below.

Spread the word to Mozillians: We know there are many Mozillians, past and present, who will not see this post on their own. Please share this post with those people. We ask that contributors who do not have a vouched profile fill out this form and we will help them get added.

Barry Munsterteiger and William Reynolds

IRC #mozillians

1 We are using the Open Sans font to print the names on the monument, so there are limits to which characters can be printed. Take a look at the characters available, and if your profile name is not printable in Open Sans, please email the characters you would like printed for your name to

Detailed rendering of the monument and side panel

Detailed rendering of the monument and side panel

18 comments on “Add your name to the monument to Mozillians in San Francisco!”

  1. aung Thi han wrote on

    very nice

  2. Carl Denton Santa Croff wrote on

    Pleased as can be to be part of the mozillan tree , spreading the word & opening opportunities!

  3. Nazmul Huda wrote on

    i am so much excited

  4. Lana wrote on

    I’ve already filled the application form but haven’t received an email yet. Is that mean that my request hadn’t been recognised?

    1. William Reynolds wrote on

      Lana, your request has been recognized. We are still reviewing the form submissions. We will contact you next week if we have any questions.

  5. Oscar Daniel Liberman wrote on

    It’s comming Mozilla!

  6. Michael Zanini wrote on

    I have added the group SF monument to my profile. Will i be getting an email saying that i am on the list to be on the monument or do i need to do anything else?

    1. William Reynolds wrote on

      Nothing else needed if you join the SF monument group. Thanks!

      1. Ali Al Dallal wrote on


        I’m part of sf-monument group and I heard some people start getting en email saying their name is up on the monument. Did I miss anything or how can I verify that?


        1. William Reynolds wrote on

          Ali, I can confirm your name will be on the monument. Look for photos and a video to be shared in January!

      2. Tin Aung Lin wrote on

        I have added my name into group but I can’t see my name in the credit page.

        1. William Reynolds wrote on

          Hi Tin, adding your name to the monument group is separate from adding your name to the credit page. To add your name to the credits, follow the directions at the bottom of

  7. soumeetra wrote on

    hey!!!! can i fill the form now…. please 🙁

    1. William Reynolds wrote on

      Soumeetra, the form for nominating yourself to be on the monument has closed. If it reopens later, it will be announced on this blog. As always, you can submit your name to be on the credits page by following the directions at the bottom of

  8. R_faith wrote on

    How can we be sure if our name’s printed or not as I’ve given my name at around first week of November but in one of the blog found that name should be given before Oct 31. So giving names in November didn’t count in?

  9. Yofie Setiawan wrote on

    I found my name there, thank you Mozilla! 😀

  10. Sumon M. Selim wrote on

    Proud to be a mozillian 🙂 My name is on the monument.

  11. Agus Demak wrote on

    Ah, I hope I can visit there next year. It’s so far from my country 😀