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News from MDN: Paris Weekend meetup, Badges, and meta docs

Here are some happenings in the MDN community that were discussed in the most recent MDN Community meeting:

The MDN Weekend is coming up on March 7 to 9. MDN community members, including staff and volunteers will be meeting at Mozilla’s Paris office to work on projects to improve MDN. This meetup differs from a doc sprint in that the projects to be worked on are not only documentation content. They can include written idea proposals, designs/mockups, new docs, code, or new tools or processes. The weekend will start with “idea pitches” for possible projects to work on, and participants will then form into teams to work on the ideas they’re interested in. You don’t have to be in Paris to pitch an idea (though it would help to be an a European time zone). If you want to pitch an idea to be worked on, add it to this tracking etherpad. Further details about the weekend event are on the MDN section of the Mozilla wiki.

The MDN development team has implemented support for awarding and displaying Open Badges. So, now comes the hard part: deciding what badges to offer, at least initially. The Open Badges project provides lots of guidance, but ultimately the MDN community has to decide what’s right for us. A few folks have drafted some ideas for various possible types of badges on MDN. Check the spreadsheet tabs to see the different categories. Discussion about this is happening in the mdn-drivers discussion list.

We’re working on better “meta” documentation — docs about how to make docs (and other stuff) on MDN. The current plan for the structure is in this etherpad. Part of the idea is to separate out info for newcomers (steps to guide you through your first task) from detailed reference info for experienced MDN contributors. The place to discuss this effort is on the dev-mdc discussion list.

MDN Community meetings take place every other Wednesday, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, in the #mdn channel on The MDN Community meetings section of the Mozilla wiki has notes for past meetings; a page is created for the agenda of each upcoming meeting a few days beforehand.