Illustration techniques: Sketch to vector



For those of you interested in how the updated version of my “Don’t hurt the Web” poster was created, I thought I’d share the various techniques I used in the process.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of it, some background on the visual itself. In the poster, we see a sad little fox (Kit) in tears and looking for love and kindness. In no way is he meant to represent a run-down, tired, vulnerable Firefox. The sadness we see in Kit in the poster is his reaction to people hurting the Web he loves – it’s sadness out of the Web he loves being hurt, not himself. He isn’t meant to be addressing specific events or people, just a general reminder that no matter where we find the web – desktop or mobile – be sure to build with standards, openness, and all players in mind.

To see the full technique gallery, please head on over to Reticulating Splines.

Happy art making!

Final Artwork



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  1. Terry wrote on :

    Thank you for the “full technique gallery, Reticulating Splines”. this is just what I had wanted from Mozilla. I hope we can see more of these professional examples and guides


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