More logo news (with a surprise inside)

A little while ago, we introduced a new version of the Firefox logo. It wasn’t a complete overhaul, but rather an evolution that better reflects where we are today and where we’re going.

As part of that work, Lead Designer Sean Martell also updated the logos for Aurora and Nightly. You can read his blog post about it for more details and even watch him work on the updates in real time (if you have 3 hours to kill).

Together, these logos will represent our browser for the foreseeable future. We’re pretty excited about them and we’d like to share them with you. So, for a little Tuesday treat, here’s a new desktop wallpaper featuring all 3 that you can download:


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  1. Balu Ertl wrote on :

    More crispy contours with tinier urban lights, emphasized oceans forms bigger monolithic surfaces (good for low resolution in small size) and flattened hair of Foxy. Even if I like the standalone Firefox logo, I still feel slightly dissonant appearing together with Aurora and Nightly, because the different level of details meant by urban lights. Plus, the space background a bit reminds me to OSX’s default desktop wallpaper.

    It’s not critics, just pure observations — Great job indeed! P.s.: Hello SVG! đŸ™‚


  2. Robert Kaiser wrote on :

    They’re all nice, but I still find the Nightly logo too blue. The night is black, not blue.


    1. Tim Dawson wrote on :

      Yeah, but the Firefox colour is blue, not black! I love them all.


  3. Ken Saunders wrote on :

    Perhaps there’s a (giant) full moon. Where else would the light be coming from. đŸ™‚

    Thumbs up on all of them.


  4. Shamil Fernando wrote on :

    Glowing effects are nice. I like it.


  5. Jeff wrote on :

    Hey Matej, you guys should update the background graphic of your Twitter page with the new logo!


    1. Matej Novak wrote on :

      Good point. Thanks for the reminder!


  6. Vic Russell wrote on :

    Think it would be interesting if the fox logo was facing outward. Or a very interesting Easter-egg would be an animated logo that turns its head to look at the user under a given set of circumstances….. I know, way to much work, though it could start an interesting hunt for the trigger… Someone else suggested a moon to illuminate the globe, to explain its blue color; here too the moon could follow the phase of the real moon…. Something a user might or might not notice at its first appearance, especially if it were launched during the dark phase! I know, you must be thinking “this clown hasn’t a clue how hard this sort of programing is, let alone how much space this sort of thing needs!” I haven’t done any programing in over twenty-eight years, it’s gotta be a lot easier then when the first PC was introduced by IBM! Just a thought


  7. leandrw wrote on :

    Someone should make a persona with this image.


  8. Yash wrote on :

    The logo is description of company’s motto. The fox in the new logo is good but it will be better if the fox is given an effect, like its a island on the entire planet . try it


  9. Blog_creeder wrote on :

    Firefox is the best browser ever. I like it. Nice changing of logo.


  10. Karen wrote on :

    I like the firefox logo, always have done! it’s so distinctive, friendly, and of course it covers the whole wide world. I can see the subtle changes you’ve made to it and I’m not bothered either way about it., but i do like the surprise desktop wallpaper you created…it very dramatic & colourful. Thanks a bunch for all you do. I love Mozilla etc….(from a 70 year old bright spark!!!)


  11. Mauritz wrote on :

    Well done as usual to you all involved


  12. Trebor wrote on :

    Logo up dates are going to happen. But why would you remove the earth or GLOBAL appeal ? The blue orb looks to “kids ball like” All the other features are improvements . Yes they look great! But that ball takes away from your mental impression of FireFox as a GLOBAL tool .. I think you will reinstate the globe as soon as you realize the sub conscious is told this Fire Fox is no longer global .. Its a visual sales tool and you just made it child like …


  13. didin rukmana wrote on :

    thats good.. i’d liked… thank’s moz


  14. Geoff Masters wrote on :

    I just love the Fox!
    As long as the globe has him draped over it that is all I require, but the little cosmetic lifts like the patches of white are great.
    I’m still waiting for the icon to be made into a downloadable file that I could use as an add for the Browser on the bottom of my emails though.



  15. lynda willner wrote on :

    Love the enhancements to the logo, which appeared to be so subtle at first glance. The evolution and steps to get there were intriguing….

    Now – what about user friendliness of the application. I hope someone has worked on that piece as well…….



  16. Johnny wrote on :

    What does the fox say?


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