QA Taskboard Development: Call for Participation

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Mozilla Quality Assurance (QA) would like to build a Taskboard to enable community members to contribute in an area of their interest and feel good about their contribution. The Taskboard would also work well for Mozilla QA’s needs and dovetail nicely into its existing workflows. Over the last one year, Mozilla QA has held several brainstorming sessions with community contributors as to what such a Taskboard should look like – thanks to all those who gave voice to their needs and desires! The Taskboard is now called One and Done to emphasize that community contributors can work on tasks one at a time, one day at a time, and feel good about doing them.

Mozilla QA is now ready to move ahead with the development of the Taskboard. The first chunk of work, named Version 1 Milestone 1, has a well-defined scope of work with an accompanying technology stack and Github repository. We are now looking for community members to participate in building the Taskboard and bringing it to life. If you are a UI designer, front-end developer, database developer, or tester, then your skills are highly needed. If you don’t have these skills but would like to participate anyway, you are strongly encouraged to do so. We welcome all helping hands!

Get Involved

  1. If you don’t have a profile at, please create one. (If you need someone to vouch for you, please get in touch with us.)
  2. In your profile, fill out the Skills section.
  3. View the Mozillians Group for One and Done and join it by clicking on the ‘Join Group’ button.
  4. Let us know of your interest by sending an email to You may also leave a comment on our blog post.
  5. Got questions? Feel free to ask us anything you want in the #qa IRC channel.

One and Done Version 1 Milestone 1 specifics

About One and Done

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