2013 in Review: Not Averse to Verse

Projects big and projects small
In twenty-thirteen we did them all
We showed the Mobile World our prowess
And rolled out waves of Firefox OS
The Summit signaled a dawning era
In Toronto, Brussels and Santa Clara
Made pictures move for Firefox Flicks
And threw some websites into the mix

The Creative team, we provided support
To projects small and of great import
But none so unique and hardly lighter
In tone — the pick of this copywriter —
A sonnet written in rhyming verse
That showed our range has grown diverse
And how we’ve come to play a role
Much greater to the project as a whole

Now you might say that’s no big deal
A trifle so small it’s barely real
But apart from being enormous fun
It’s a sign of just how far we’ve come
In living up to our potential
And growing increasingly essential
To teams beyond our own, Engagement,
It’s become a fine arrangement

Whether working on social media or product
I’ve been impressed by our approach and conduct
I hope this doesn’t meet your scorn
Or sound too much like a self-tooting horn
But I’m ridiculously proud of our little team
(Though little in size, I hope not in esteem)
We look forward to what the future brings
Opportunity, success and many other things


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