2013 in Review: Sometimes You Get a Glimpse into the Future

My name is Rainer Cvillink and I’m one of the video guys at Mozilla. My job is to give Mozilla and its technology a human face. Mozilla is all about people, and I am privileged to be able to showcase this unique community to the world.

I do everything from highly-polished ads to short documentaries to sizzle reels and pretty much anything else, but there’s one thing that gets me excited every time I make a video about it: new technology. There’s nothing more thrilling than to get a glimpse into the future. Having that kind of brain stimulation of what technology will become and how it can change of what we’re doing today is just beyond words…and this last year there was one video that stood out for me showcasing Firefox OS, Mozilla’s new initiative to mobile technology: The Mobile World Congress 2013 recap.

This video had several aspects for me. It showed that something new and big has arrived. It let you feel the commitment of a community trying something unbelievable and seeing it executed on a level that rivals all the other players in that field. And, on a personal human level. it made me extremely proud to be part of something so massive and meaningful.

(imagine the above with an Austrian accent)

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