2013 in Review: A Welcome Kit for All Mozillians

Earlier this year, over 2000 Mozillians gathered in three locations to participate in the Summit. And because Mozilla loves its gear, many attendees were looking forward to seeing what might be given out. It wasn’t the reason for the Summit, but it was going to be one of the first welcomes that Mozillians from around the world received. So when Mardi Douglass asked if I’d like to help out, I was excited, a bit nervous, and slightly overwhelmed. What would need to be done to create a pack that would build excitement for the whole weekend?

Starting with the visual identity created by Sean Martell, I had a strong idea of what might be needed. I worked with a team of new people from across Mozilla to carefully select each piece of the kit. Then I worked with Sean and Lee Tom to make sure each item showcased the Summit branding. And Matej Novak helped me craft a message that not only described the kit, but also set the tone for the weekend to come. All together I think that we found the right formula.

A letter for the Welcome KitBut what made this project so special for me was not the end result, it was the people that I got to work with to make it happen. My work already falls in a unique position that I have the privilege of working with two different teams. This project gave me an opportunity to work more closely with my colleagues from the Creative Team plus many new people. I was amazed by their dedication and by how much each of them cared about making the Summit an experience to remember for every single attendee. It solidified why I love working at Mozilla and helped me to more clearly see how I fit into the larger organization.

Oh, plus there was the reward of observing the excitement of people getting their kits and seeing the Mozilla mark all around Brussels. I was so proud to be a part of such an awesome team (and the final product wasn’t bad either).

Contects of the Welcome Kit

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  1. Fransiska Anindhita wrote on :

    That stuff was cool! I’m new mozillian, but that’s stuff design was very good-looking.. Hope I can get one in Indonesia, or make something stuff like that to promote the Mozilla Firefox and the other features..


  2. Roger wrote on :

    Youtube videos are not playing in Firefox! The following message appears: “An error ocurred, please try again later”! Please, if anyone is seeing this? Until Mozilla itself uses videos hosted on YouTube and they are also NOT RUNNING! Please solve this story! Thank you!


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