2013 in Review: The Journey of Firefox OS

Hello there fellow Mozillians, I’m Spencer Hui. I work alongside Rainer making your vision become a reality through video. Looking back at all the videos I’ve worked on in 2013, the one that stood out the most and had the most fun working on would be The Journey of Firefox OS shown at the 2013 Summit.

I was fortunate to being around documenting the birth of Firefox OS and seeing all the hard work and long hours people put into the project was astonishing. I got to interview many people throughout the Mozilla community, all who contributed to Firefox OS on their own. This was the first video of its kind for me, so the biggest challenge was gathering all the footage and interviews within a span of four months and comprising it into a ten-minute video that tells a story. It was a great feeling seeing peoples faces light up at the Summit and taking a step back to see how far we have come in the past year. This was very much a team effort with Mozillians and partners for things to come to fruition.


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  1. Willy wrote on :

    in video 08:58 is no Columbia is Colombia


  2. John Slater wrote on :

    Great catch Willy, thanks. We fixed it.


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