Building a New Brand Identity System for Mozilla

Mozilla is a dynamic, unconventional, innovative organization working on a variety of initiatives to make the Web better for users around the world. In other words, we have an interesting story to tell.

However, from a visual identity perspective our toolkit is currently a little…minimal. We have a wordmark and a few basic colors in our palette, and that’s about it. Not really reflective of the bold, dynamic nature of Mozilla, or the possibilities of the Web as a creative platform.

With all that in mind, I’m happy to report that we are kicking off a project to evolve and expand Mozilla’s visual identity to more closely reflect the ideals and ambitions of the organization. The new system will be open (easily extensible and customizable by Mozillians everywhere), of the Web (can be generated by tools and technology of the Web as opposed to proprietary files) and One Mozilla (applied everywhere, and for the benefit of everyone who works on the project).

For a more complete overview of how we’re approaching this project, check out this slideshow (and please share your thoughts in the comments section below).

And, not only will the outcome of the work embody Mozilla’s values, but the process by which we approach it will too. We’ll be regularly sharing our ideas and progress as we go, and will be actively looking for your input. The Mozilla brand belongs to all of us…let’s work together and build something awesome.

We’ll be sharing more soon, so please keep an eye on this blog and/or @MozCreative on Twitter for all the latest info.

Update: our Art Director Sean Martell has shared some thoughts on living brands, and what that concept means for this project. Check it out!

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  1. fachrul razy wrote on :

    I was wondering if the logo of mozilla (the dinosaur) could be more simple/flat in flat design and can we change the font of ‘mozilla’?


  2. Harsha Bandaru wrote on :

    My Guess !!!! everything should be changed accordingly with the new look to logo and the fonts and appearance ,, this will Definitely attract the new users and force the old users to use it ….


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