Building a Living Logo from Community Data: a Rough Working Prototype

The core component of our MozID project is a new “living logo” for Mozilla – one that is directly shaped by the activity of our community and evolves over time based on that activity. We’ve shared some examples of other living logos, and reported that we’re working with Pitch Interactive to build that data visualization, but the concept can still be a little abstract until you see it.

The good news is that now we have a rough working prototype that allows you to do just that.

To be clear, this does NOT at all represent how the final logo will look, but the prototype really does bring the idea to life in a much more significant way. First, check out this short video that gives some background explanation:

The prototype itself lets you take straightforward information about community activity (sourced from and turn them into a logo-ish shape. First, adjust details like opacity, shape of the curves or the particular sources of the data, then click the ‘transform’ link to see them all come together.

Here’s the prototype.

Our logo will be much more visually refined and styled than this, but it’s pretty eye-opening to see it all come together…especially considering that it will be a constantly shifting representation of the heart of Mozilla. I’m really excited about that part in particular.

Stay tuned for more details on this project coming soon!

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  1. Deepak krishnan wrote on :

    i would like to get involve in all design work done by the creative team can any one guide me.


  2. Vishal wrote on :

    Its really cool and exciting project. I would like to contribute as a volunteer in this project. Please guide me.


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