Miracle Whip, Finstas, #InternationalPodcastDay, and #FreeBritney all made the Top Shelf this week

At Mozilla, we believe part of making the internet we want is celebrating the best of the internet, and that can be as simple as sharing a tweet that made us pause in our feed. Twitter isn’t perfect, but there are individual tweets that come pretty close.

Each week in Top Shelf, we will be sharing the tweets that made us laugh, think, Pocket them for later, text our friends, and want to continue the internet revolution each week.

Here’s what made it to the Top Shelf for the week of September 27, 2021, in no particular order.

From Licorice Pizza to McRibs to #NationalCoffeeDay, food-related topics boiled to the top of the trends this week on Twitter, though not every one of them is actually food… we’ll leave you to decide which!

Pocket Joy List Project

The Pocket Joy List Project

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