How to use Pocket with Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde Oyeneyin smiles at the camera.
Fitness instructor Tunde Oyeneyin tells us how she uses Pocket to save and read articles online.

Fitness instructor Tunde Oyeneyin, a favorite among Peloton riders, makes it a habit to stay intentional of what she consumes online. 

“Everything that you pour in, finds its way out,” Tunde says. “Whether that’s what I’m watching, reading or listening to.”

Her philosophy is part of what she calls soul care, her act of doing what’s good for the soul. Tunde says that it can be taking a bubble bath or turning some music on. “Sometimes, it’s knowing that I don’t have the time but staying on the phone for an hour talking and catching up with a friend anyway,” Tunde says. “It can be listening to or reading stories.”

Tunde uses Pocket to save and savor stories worth her time as part of her soul care. Here’s how she makes Pocket work for her: 

Listen to articles on the go

“I’m big on listening to articles that make my soul feel better, make me feel more informed or help me create positivity. Pocket’s text-to-speech feature is perfect on the go while I’m commuting or traveling.

Listen to an article by tapping the headphones button when you’re reading it or looking at your Pocket list.”

Save restaurant recommendations

“I grew up in Little Nigeria in Houston, Texas, and I love Nigerian food. It’s very comforting. I recommend going online and finding Nigerian restaurants then saving them on Pocket so you can visit them later. Come with your own water or perhaps milk because you’ll need it. Nigerian food is very, very spicy, saucy, hearty and delicious.”

Get organized 

“When I’m hosting a podcast, there’s a lot of prep that goes into it, including researching the guests and their past interviews online. When I’m being interviewed, sometimes questions are sent to me ahead of time so I can do some reading or listening ahead of time.

I stay organized by saving things on Pocket then tagging them. For example, if I save an article about positivity, I tag it ‘positivity’ so I can find it later.”

Stay mindful of the stories I consume

“So much of life is serious. In my friend text groups, we usually share something lighthearted. A silly meme. Babies dancing. Or somebody doing something absolutely ridiculous that makes you feel so much better about your day and your life.”

I created a collection for Pocket that’s all about staying intentional in what we do. The content in my collection is for anyone who wants to slow down and make the most out of their time in between busy moments.”

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