A state-by-state look at the long-reads that captivated Pocket users in 2022

Every year, the top stories that were saved and read by Pocket’s more than 10 million users clue us in to the prevailing mood of the time. In 2020, readers looked for answers in The Atlantic’s exploration of how the pandemic might end. In 2021, The New York Times’ piece on “languishing” captured what we collectively felt when it didn’t. 

This year, the stories people Pocketed are more varied: Many readers saved a guide to improving our lives in small ways, which checks out with the theme of renewal that we saw in overall saves in 2022. A lot of gamers also looked up starter tips for Elden Ring. And curiously, many people seemed to want to make sure that they’re brushing their teeth properly

A U.S. map shows the top long reads for some states. Text: Top long reads by state. Washington: New York Times. It's Time to Stop Living the American Scam. Colorado: New York Magazine. The Return of the Urban Firestorm. Arizona: BBC. An Effortless way to Improve Your Memory. New Hampshire: The Margnalian. The Four Buddhist Mantras for Turning Fear Into Love. Minnesota: The Atlantic. Why People Are Acting So Weird. Texas: Texas Monthly. The Texas Electric Grid Failure Was a Warm-up.

Even more intriguing: the long-reads that people saved. After all, what we spend our time on says a lot about who we are – from Californians rethinking what satisfies them to New Yorkers craving deeper friendships. Here’s a selection of what we learned about each state from the long-reads that Pocket users saved in 2022:

Did your state’s top story resonate? Did it represent your state accurately? Let us know and tag us at @Pocket on Twitter and Instagram

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