Bugzilla Issues Four Releases for Major Security Improvements

Editor’s note: The Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.2.1, 3.0.7, 2.22.7, and 3.3.2 on Monday, February 2, 2009. Check out the full release notes for more details.

The Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.2.1, which fixes the longest-standing security bugs in Bugzilla, in addition to a few other security issues. These long-standing security issues were public for many years, but it required a lot of re-architecture of Bugzilla before we could fix them.

The Project also released 3.3.2, which has a lot of cool new features, including the ability to hide email addresses from logged-out users.

Additionally Bugzilla 3.0.6 and Bugzilla 2.22.7 were released as security fixes for people still using those older branches.

See Max Kanat-Alexander’s blog, one of the main developers in the Bugzilla Project, for more information on these releases.

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