May the 4th Be With Us, Everyone

It’s May the 4th, a sacred day to many Mozillians, all aspiring Jedi, and most of the people who wait in line outside movie theaters.

Which got us thinking about the internet. We’re made by Mozilla. Everything gets us thinking about the internet. Is the web leaning toward the Dark Side? Or the Light Side?

(If you fall for the innuendo of The Last Jedi trailer, those sides are about to flip like the next geomagnetic reversal and maybe, just maybe bring balance. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?)

Anyway, to help us answer the Dark/Light question, we made a handy list.

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun. We’re not talking about the Dark Web, or even the dark behavior that continues to plague many people’s lives online. We care very much about that very important stuff, and we invite you to join our ongoing dialogue about it over here. But just this second right here, we’re nerding out on a day that celebrates both the best and worst of meme culture at once.

Dogs Cats
Gnomes Trolls
Snapchat filters Snapchat filters
So many choices! Too many choices!
GIFs Stickers (Trash Dove, you’re ok)
Alt National Park Service Alternative facts
Digital detoxing Unboxing
Bad Lip Readings Duck lips
Internet dating Internet dating
Corporate Memes Corporate Memes

This is just a start. Tell us your fav light / dark aspects in the comments!

Much like that galaxy far, far away, it looks like this battle is epic. In fact, it may be many, many sequels and prequels and spinoffs and merchandising campaigns before we know which side wins. We’re pulling for the Light Side. As the only browser backed by a non-profit that fights for your rights online, we’re in it to win it for the health of our largest public resource, and the entire public that makes use of it.

In the meantime, May the 4th be with you. And you. And you. And also you.

We’ll see you in line on December 15th.

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