Mozilla Firefox Adds Twitter Search and New Features that Make Web Browsing Easier

Today, we’re releasing an update to Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Firefox for Android. This update includes new features that make Web browsing easier and give users and developers more control over how they customize their Web experience.

Firefox for Mac, Windows and Linux
Twitter is now included as a search option in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. Twitter search in Firefox makes it easier to discover new topics, #hashtags and @usernames. Twitter search is currently available in English, Portuguese, Slovenian and Japanese versions of Firefox, with more languages to come in future releases.

Firefox lets you load tabs on demand, making it much faster to restore windows with many tabs. Enable this option in the Firefox Menu, under Options/Preferences, in the General tab.

Sometimes you download third-party software and are surprised to discover that an add-on has also installed itself in your browser without asking permission. At Mozilla, we think you should be in control, so we are disabling add-ons installed by third parties without your permission and letting you pick the ones you want to keep.

Mozilla pioneered WebGL and introduced it in Firefox earlier this year. WebGL is a new Web standard that allows websites and Web apps to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics without third-party software. Firefox adds support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), which lets developers load WebGL textures from other domains in a secure way. To see an example of WebGL in action, visit Google MapsGL and experience 3D maps in Firefox.

Mozilla is a leader in HTML5 and we want to make it easier for developers to create amazing Web experiences. Using simple HTML5 markup, Firefox enables Web developers to customize the options users have in the right click menu and saves them from having to build their own menu. If you’re a Web developer and want to learn more about the awesome features we build into Firefox, just for you, click here.

Firefox for Android
Firefox for Android has new features that put users in control of their mobile Web experience. With Firefox Master Password, you can protect all your saved usernames and passwords. This will help your private info stay private if you ever share or lose your Android device.

We want to make HTML5-based Web apps as easy to use as native apps. Firefox lets Android users add icons for any bookmarked website or Web app to the home screen and launch with just one touch.

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