Mozilla Ventures invests in Fiddler, fueling better AI trust

The investment will help Fiddler scale its AI Observability Platform 

(PALO ALTO, CA | JUNE 1, 2023) – Today, Mozilla Ventures is announcing an investment in Fiddler, the Silicon Valley-based company that helps enterprises build trust into AI with monitoring, explainability, analytics, fairness, and safety. 

The Fiddler AI Observability Platform gives companies more visibility into their predictive and generative AI models. Fiddler’s platform helps stakeholders understand why predictions are made and what improvements are necessary for better outcomes — ultimately creating more trustworthy AI systems.

Fiddler brings increased transparency and actionable insights to the AI field at a vital moment. Generative AI models and applications are quickly being folded into consumer products and impacting billions of people — but sometimes these systems are biased and opaque, even to the engineers who build them.

Mozilla Ventures is a first-of-its-kind impact venture fund to invest in startups that push the internet — and the tech industry — in a better direction. The fund’s mission is largely modeled on Mozilla’s “Creating Trustworthy AI” whitepaper. 

Mozilla Ventures isn’t publicizing its investment amount at this time. Fiddler has previously received investment from Insight Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Lux Capital, Alteryx Ventures, Haystack Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and The Alexa Fund, among other investors.

This funding will help Fiddler bring its Responsible AI by Design approach to influential customers, a list which already includes some noteworthy organizations. Core to Fiddler’s Responsible AI by Design approach is the question, How might an AI model adversely affect humans?

Fiddler defines responsible AI as a series of best practices to ensure that LLM and MLOps-based systems deliver on their intent while mitigating unintended or harmful consequences. The platform enables responsible AI through monitoring and out-of-the-box AI explainability and relies on the principles of fairness, transparency, privacy, reliability, and accountability.

Fiddler also participated in Mozilla’s Responsible AI Challenge event on May 31, which convenes some of the brightest AI thinkers, technologists, ethicists and business leaders.

Says Krishna Gade, Founder and CEO of Fiddler: “We started Fiddler because there’s a need not just for more AI Observability in the industry, but also a framework that prioritizes societal good. Mozilla’s investment helps fuel our mission to make trustworthy, transparent, and understandable AI the status quo.”

Says Mohamed Nanabhay, Managing Partner of Mozilla Ventures: “Fiddler and Mozilla Ventures have a shared vision of AI — one that prioritizes fairness and explainability. In Fiddler’s role supporting a wide-range of AI companies, they can have an outsized influence on the ecosystem.”

Fiddler will join a cohort of other mission driven startups that Mozilla Ventures has invested in, including SAIL, heylogin, Lelapa AI, Themis AI, Block Party, and Rodeo. Mozilla Ventures launched in 2022 with an initial $35 million in funding.

Press contact: Kevin Zawacki | 


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