Update on Firefox Reality

Mozilla’s mission is to make sure the Internet remains open and accessible to all. Four years ago, we launched Firefox Reality, a browser for mixed reality, and our exploration in browsing in new and emerging realities. We’ve been at the forefront of developing new technologies, like WebVR and WebAR, and in some instances, Mozilla continues to remain the host and incubator of those new technologies, as with Hubs. With other technologies, we find communities and organizations where our projects can continue to grow and contribute to the web like WebAssembly, Rust and Servo. Today, we’re delighted to announce that the Firefox Reality browser technology will continue under Igalia where they will uphold the same principles we started when we created Firefox Reality — an open source browser that respects your privacy.

“On mobile or desktop, the web is woven into everything. It’s how we communicate, get information, entertain ourselves, and so much more. In the last few years, XR has really matured. The increase of devices shipping with an immersive OS is incredible. As such, now is an especially critical time to ensure that we establish the web on them in a healthy way,” said Brian Kardell, Developer Advocate at Igalia. “The Firefox Reality project was created with similar aims, to give users some choice and ensure that open and unlimited access to the web remains strong on these devices. These ideas are core to what we do at Igalia, so we’re thrilled to be able to carry the torch forward in leveraging that work to create a new browser, Wolvic. Together, we will help to ensure that the web ecosystem remains healthy.”

What you can expect next

The Firefox Reality browser will be removed from stores in the coming weeks. Igalia’s browser, Wolvic (which is based on Firefox Reality’s source code) will be available next week. For more information about Wolvic you can visit here and wolvic.com.

Since its launch, Firefox Reality offered users a unique browser in the mixed reality space. It was the first cross-platform browser built by a trusted company, Mozilla, and quickly adopted by companies for use in their hardware devices. 

We are excited about Igalia building on the legacy of Firefox Reality and look forward to good things to come from it. At Mozilla, we will continue to invest in new and emerging technologies. Stay tuned for more to come from us in 2022.

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