Virtual Reality at the Intersection of Art & Technology


“If someone can imagine a world…they can create an experience.”
– Reggie Watts


This is the second video in our four part series around creators, virtual reality, and the open web. As we laid out in the opening post of this series, virtual reality is more than a technology, and it is far more than mere eye-candy. VR is an immensely powerful tool that is honed and developed every day. In the hands of a creator, that tool has the potential to transport audiences into new worlds and provide new perspectives.

It’s one thing to read about the crisis in Sudan, but being transported inside that crisis is deeply affecting in a way we haven’t seen before.

The hard truth is that all the technological capabilities in the world won’t matter if creators don’t have the proper tools to shape that technology into experiences. To make a true impact, technology and art can’t live parallel lives. They must intersect. Bringing together those worlds was the thrust for our VR the People panel at the Sundance Festival.

“You’re gonna end up finding someone who’s a 16-year-old in the basement with an open-source VR headset and some crappy computer and they download free software so they can build [an experience].”
– Brooks Brown, Global Director of Virtual Reality, Starbreeze Studios


That quote above is exactly why Mozilla spent years working to build WebVR, and why we held our panel at Sundance. It’s why we are writing these posts. We’re hoping they reach someone out there – anyone, anywhere – who has a world in their head and a story to tell. We’re hoping they pick up the tools our engineers built and use them in ways that inspire and force those same engineers to build new tools that keep pace with the evolving creative force.

So go ahead, check out our resources and tools at We promise you won’t be creating alone. You bring the art, we’ll bring the technology, and together we can make something special.

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