Virtual Tours of the Museum of the Fossilized Internet

Let’s brainstorm a sustainable future together.

Imagine: We are in the year 2050 and we’re opening the Museum of the Fossilized Internet, which commemorates two decades of a sustainable internet. The exhibition can now be viewed in social VR. Join an online tour and experience what the coal and oil-powered internet of the past was like.

Visit the Museum from home

In March 2020, Michelle Thorne and I announced office tours of the Museum of the Fossilized Internet as part of our new Sustainability programme. Then the pandemic hit, and we teamed up with the Mozilla Mixed Reality team to make it more accessible while also demonstrating the capabilities of social VR with Hubs.

We now welcome visitors to explore the museum at home through their browsers.

The museum was created to be a playful source of inspiration and an invitation to imagine more positive, sustainable futures. Here’s a demo tour to help you get started on your visit.

Video Production: Dan Fernie-Harper; Spoke scene: Liv Erickson and Christian Van Meurs; Tour support: Elgin-Skye McLaren.

Foresight workshops

But that’s not all. We are also building on the museum with a series of foresight workshops. Once we know what preferable, sustainable alternatives look like, we can start building towards them so that in a few years, this museum is no longer just a thought experiment, but real.

Our first foresight workshop will focus on policy with an emphasis on trustworthy AI. In a pilot, facilitators Michelle Thorne and Fieke Jansen will specifically focus on the strategic opportunity that the European Commission is in the process of defining its AI strategy, climate agenda and COVID-19 recovery plans. Thought together, this workshop will develop options to advance both, trustworthy AI and climate justice.

More foresight workshops should and will follow. We are currently looking at businesses, technology, or the funders community as additional audiences. Updates will be available on the wiki.

You are also invited to join the sustainability team as well as our environmental champions on our Matrix instance to continue brainstorming sustainable futures. More updates on Mozilla’s journey towards sustainability will be shared here on the Mozilla Blog.

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