Extensions for cleaning up a chaotic desktop

Clutter isn’t just material stuff scattered about your floor and shelves. Clutter can consume us in digital form, too — from an overabundance of browser bookmarks and open tabs to navigating a world wide web that’s littered with junk. The right browser extension, however, can really help clean things up. 

Tranquility Reader

Want to sweep away all the mess around your website reading material, like images, ads, and links to other content you don’t care about? Tranquility Reader does just that. Hit the extension’s toolbar button and presto — everything but the words disappear. 

The extension offers a few other nice features as well, like the ability to save content offline for later reading, customizable font sizes and color, add annotations to saved pages, and more.

Turn Off the Lights for Firefox

Clear out everything on your desktop except the video you want to watch. With the flick of a button, Turn Off the Lights for Firefox fades out everything on screen except your video player. 

More than just a fancy light switch, the extension offers a bunch of great customization features, including… 

  • Auto HD for YouTube
  • Mouse-wheel volume control
  • Atmosphere lighting or background imagery
  • Lots of fun fade out/in visual effects


Speaking of uncluttering your video experience, Unhook elegantly removes a bunch of distracting YouTube elements. 

Enjoy YouTube with more breathing room once Unhook removes all those “rabbit hole” temptations like related or recommended videos, trending content, homepage suggestions, user comments, and much more. Unhook features 20+ customization options. 

Minimal Theme for Twitter

Streamline your social media. Minimal Theme for Twitter offers a few new looks for a stripped down scrolling experience. 

Great features let you do things like… 

  • Customize the dimensions of Twitter’s timeline and interface buttons 
  • Remove promoted posts
  • Hide unwanted elements like search bar, Tweet button, view counts & more
  • “Writer” mode shows just the tweet composer, removing all other interface distractions

Link Gopher

Have you ever kept a web page open for days or maybe even weeks just because it contains a bunch of links you’ve been meaning to save and organize in some fashion, some day? Link Gopher can help. 

Simple but such a time saver — with a single click Link Gopher grabs all links from within a web page and sorts them in a new tab, so you can easily copy/paste anywhere for proper organization. Any duplicate links are automatically removed. 


This is like an emergency escape hatch when you find yourself overwhelmed with open browser tabs. Click the toolbar button and OneTab grabs all of your open links and lists them on a single scrollable page. You’ll save a lot of CPU and memory once your previously open tabs go dormant on a listing page. 

OneTab is a simple and effective way of dealing with sudden tab overload. But if you need more robust tab management tools, you might be interested to check out these other great tab manager extensions

We hope some of these extensions help you achieve a less cluttered, more serene online experience. If you’d like to keep exploring, you can find thousands of extensions on addons.mozilla.org

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